What happens when I cancel a paid account?
Once you cancel your account, you’ll never be billed again. Your account will be reverted to the free service level on your next billing date. Your forms and data will remain in your account. You may use us for only a few months of the year. You may also request that we delete your account and data permanently. We do not provide refunds for partial month’s use.

Is there any commitment or contract?
There is no commitment or contract. Subscriptions are renewed month to month until you ask us to cancel by emailing us at [email protected]

What happens when I upgrade to a higher tier?
You will pay the price difference between your current tier and the tier you wish to upgrade to. You will immediately have access to the maximum submissions of the new tier until the next bill date.

What happens when I downgrade to a lower tier?
Your maximum submissions will immediately be limited to the lower tier until the next bill date. We do not provide any refunds for partial months.