Upgrade your Employee Management, Time Tracking & Operations

An all-in-one affordable platform to manage your employees,
scheduling, time-tracking, communication, documents,
equipment, expenses, and invoices. Streamline your operations
and grow your business efficiently. TimeGO is simple to set up
and very easy to use. Built for teams of any size and industry,
anywhere in the world. Get instant full product access.

Some features are

100% Free

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Unlimited Employee Records
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Employee Performance Log
  • Employee Pay Rates and Job Bill Rates
  • Mobile: Employees View Their Upcoming Schedule
  • Mobile: Employees Submit Leave/Time-off Requests
  • Mobile: Employee Chat and Group Chat
  • Mobile: Employee Phone Directory
  • Use in English or Spanish/Español
14-day FREE TRIAL, no credit card required. Get all features for

$5 per user per month flat rate

  • Mobile Employee Time Tracking Clockin/Clockout/Break Time
  • GPS Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Custom Forms, Go Paperless
  • Upload Employee Docs, Scans, IDs, Pics
  • Job Log and Documents
  • Submit Job Expenses
  • Shift Tasks To-Do Lists
  • Employee To-Do Lists
  • Web and Mobile Alerts
  • Provide Clients Direct Access
  • Map View
  • Equipment Log
  • Site tour with Virtual Checkpoints/NFC tags/QR codes
  • Invoicing one-time or recurring
  • Profit Tracking
  • Reports
  • Allow clients to give you a Star rating
  • White glove service available where we setup TimeGO and load your data for you

Employee Scheduling

Always 100% free! Easily manage your employee schedule (whether it’s a few employees, or hundreds of them) from one screen on a computer or on a mobile phone on-the-go!

  • View scheduled shifts with employees and actual hours worked on the same screen
  • Notify employees of their upcoming shifts and allow them to confirm or decline schedule changes
  • View schedule sorted by either employees or jobs, and filter your list by employee groups or job groups
  • Reduce overtime by reviewing an employee’s forecasted hours as of each day in the week
  • Color coded schedule lets you know at a glance which shifts are unfilled, missing employee clock-in, unconfirmed or confirmed by employee
  • Get live alerts when employees accept or decline their schedule

Replace Paper, Excel, SMS Text, Outdated Systems

The complete team management platform

Stories from our customers

Love it.

Saves me a ton of time managing employees’ schedule. I can also make updates on-the-go from my cell phone at any time. I’m way more organized than before.

Hira Asif Scheduler

Helps me stay ahead

Since everything is one place, I can respond to client questions much quicker. TimeGO alerts me to employee and job issues as they happen so I can take action before hearing about it from the client.

Kevin Venison Account Manager

Information at your finger tips

Employee Rates

Manage employee pay rates and review labor spend and expenses at any time

Jobs List and Rates

Manage a list of Jobs with bill rates for each client location



Generate invoices using hours tracked in TimeGO, customize invoices, and email them to customers as PDF

Calendar of Events

View a Work Calendar by Week, Month, or list of key events


Equipment List and Log

Track your company equipment list and manage an activity log for each item


Setup payroll periods, export to Excel, Quickbooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero

Run a Tight Ship

Setup auto reminders for employees' license or certificate expiration. All your docs are in one place, easily accessible, so you don't have to go hunting for information.

Manage a log to record all client job-related activity with date stamps, useful for site visit records, client interaction records, or to record important milestones on a Client Job.

Allow employees to submit job expenses from their phone with a photo or file attachment.

Review any employee's GPS movement at any time during or after the shift. You may even narrow down to any particular timeframe of minutes or hours within the shift.

Setup checkpoints across the property (or even city) and TimeGO will record location and timestamps as the employee passes through those checkpoints, or scans QR codes/NFC tags.

Sometimes you may want to provide your clients direct access to some information for greater transparency into the work you are performing for them. You have the option of providing your clients with their own username and password to access information related to their account.

A multi-tiered permission system allows different views and module access to employees, managers and admins, by location, position or any grouping.

Receive alerts when employees don't clock-in on time, or leave their geofenced job post. TimeGO features a host of other alerts to pre-emptively manage issues.

Eliminate Paperwork

Say goodbye to loads of paper record-keeping and document hunting. Take pics from your TimeGO app and upload documents to the TimeGO cloud database. Build custom forms that can be filled out and signed from a phone or tablet. Your data is secure, easily searchable and accessible when you need it.

Offline Mode for Mobile Apps

Bad network or low internet connectivity won't prevent employees from using the TimeGO apps to clockin/clockout or tracking GPS and checkpoints information. Those details are uploaded to the cloud as soon as connectivity is restored.

Setup Geofences

Setup a geofence by selecting a radius around any work location. TimeGO can send alerts when employees leave the geofence area while they are clocked-in. It can also remind them to clock-out if they have forgotten to do so.

No Double Entry and Rework

Instead of entering the same employee and job information in multiple apps, TimeGO can save you time and hassle by entering that information just once and using it consistently everywhere across schedules, rates, logs, documents, forms, to-dos, time-off requests, calendar, and more.

Track the Pricey Stuff

Equipment List and Log

Track your company equipment list and manage an activity log for each item

  • Manage a full list of equipment that is issued to employees, job sites, etc
  • For each equipment item, add any number of log entries with date stamps


What’s more important than invoices (the cashflow and lifeblood of your business)? TimeGO features a powerful and flexible invoicing system that allows you to create detailed invoices with daily shifts/hours scheduled or actually worked, and track which ones haven’t been paid for a while.

  • Automatically add all hours scheduled or actually worked on the selected jobs to the invoice
  • Add or Edit any lines or amounts as needed
  • Add discounts or taxes
  • Send invoices as PDF by email
  • Create recurring or one-time invoices
  • Track invoice payments
  • Quickly review all outstanding invoices and amounts

Custom Development

We can tailor TimeGO software to make sure it meets your specific requirements including:

  • Specialty integrations with other software
  • Customized Reports
  • Custom improvements to current functionality

About Us

TimeGO was conceived and developed by business owners like you, who felt the pain of running business operations the old way. They were overwhelmed with relying on manual processes, using several digital tools and apps to get their work done, keep daily commitments and track profitability. TimeGO’s expert software team built a platform from scratch, using the latest and best technologies available to create an integrated, smooth software experience. TimeGO allows business owners, employers, and managers to focus on their work and achieve their companies’ operation and growth objectives, rather than struggling with multiple various software programs. TimeGO can reduce not only overhead labor costs but also overall technology expenses.

Proudly based in Houston, Texas

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your business more profitable, your operations easier, faster and more automated, and give you better insight into your financial performance.