TimeGO vs QuickBooks Time

Tool Comparison

QuickBooks Time is a time clock app first and foremost, but it does have a limited set of scheduling features. With this platform, you can schedule employees by shift or by job and easily publish schedules. If you need to make changes, employees are notified with mobile alerts.

QuickBooks Time doesn’t offer a lot of other features. For example, there are no tools for tracking time off, or track GPS movements after a shift is over.

TimeGO offers a breadth of features that would enable companies to replace several apps with one: scheduling, time tracking, time-off requests, job expense tracking, employee records, documents, to-do lists, shift notes, shift forms, custom forms, equipment lists, checkpoint patrol. Most products, like Quickbooks Time, focus on two or three features such as scheduling, time tracking and chat. However, TimeGO’s broad set of features from time tracking to invoicing to profit tracking allow businesses to save time and effort while improving consistency and providing rich analysis.

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